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Chemical / Biological Escape Mask

Duram Mask, a leading manufacturer of quality personal escape masks, providing innovative solutions to the transportation, defense, chemical, oil, gas and mine industry since 1989.

Simple solution, powerful protection

Duram masks combine small size and weight for easy access, functional design for easy use with a high efficiency multi-layer filter, elastic hood and large visor for maximum protection in an instant. Safeguard yourself with a Duram Mask; you can never be too prepared.

CHEMBAYO Chemical / Biological Escape Mask

A personal respiratory protective device intended for selfrescue during emergency situations where hazardous fumes and gases are present. The Chembayo mask provides users with short-term respiratory protection against low concentration chemical or biological agents. The Cembayo has been expertly crafted to meet the needs of the following industries:

  • Defense and military
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Emergency services / first responders
  • Law enforcement agencies

Specifications For Chembayo

Product Title: Chembayo
Manufacturer: Duram Mask A.C. Ltd.
Size: One size fits all
Color: Black
Approximate (package) dimensions: 19×15×4 cm
Approximate (package) weight: 190-200 g
Storage and carrying: The mask is stored in a personal carrying pouch. Option for storing 3-4 masks in a wall mounted box.

Easy to Access
Small sice and weight: Compact and portable takes up minimal space for easy storage
Designed to always be within reach: Designed for comfortable storage on an inside suit or coat pocket or purse, or on a work utility belt
One size fits all: Easy to distribute, conveniently accommodates all head sizes, comfortably fits over beards, long hair and glasses

Easy to Use
No advanced training required: Package label contains simple instructions for easy use
Pre-assembled and ready for use: Hassle free and user friendly, no assembly required before use
Easy to slip on in seconds: Highly elastic and resilient latex hood can be easily enlarged up to 8 times for simple donning

Immediate Protection
No need for additional straps or adjustments: Seals quickly at the neck to provide immediate protection within seconds

Easy Navigation
Designed for psychological comfort: Minimal "dead" space prevents buil up of heat, vapors and CO2 inside the mask
Breathe with ease: High-efficiency, electrostatic particle filter, with extremely low pressure-drop enables easy breathing
Easy to communicate: Exclusive Multi-Valve breathing device (patent pending) enables easy communication
Easy orientation: Wide field of view, visor with transparent film enables up to 95 % light transmission

Complete protection
Complete protection from toxic gases: State-of-the-art filtration unit contains multi-layer activated impregnated charcoal for maximum absorption
Durable, fire resistant, flame retardant: Polychloroprene latex hood resists temperatures up to 200 oC, meets fire resistance requirements of NFPA 701, visor resists temperatures up to 150 oC

Special Polychloroprene Latex compound
Elongation at break: > 700 %
Tensile strength: > 150 kg/cm2
Temperature resistant: 200 oC
Fire-resistant to the requirements of NFPA 701

ETFE film – a copolymer of Polytetrafluorethylene + Ethylene monomer
Elongation at break: 450 %
Tensile strength: 50 N/mm2
Tear resistance: 500 N/mm
Temperature resistance: 150 oC
Flame retardant: UL 94 V-0
Light transmission: > 95 %

Chemical: Concentration (mg/m3) Flow Rate (liters/min.) Breakthrough Time (minutes)
Cyanogen Chloride (CK) 100 30 > 15
Dimethyl Methyl Phosphonate (DMMP) 250 30 > 15

Aerosol: Filter Efficiency (%) Air Flow Resistance Flow Rate (liters/min.)
NaCl (salt) 99.97 117 95


Multi-Layer filter includes the following:

  • External polyester screen, fire resistant to the requirements of NFPA 701
  • Electrostatic + melt blown combination high efficiency particle filter (HEPA)
  • Activated charcoal cloth with special impregnation against acidic gases
  • Plain charcoal cloth against organic gases
  • Soft inner pad of non-woven material